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Why buy a wheelchair from Mobility Extra?

We pride ourselves on selling the best quality electric wheelchairs at this price point. Our products and exceptional customer service mean we are the go to shop for electric wheelchairs and other mobility products.

Will I have to assemble a power chair myself?

No. Simply remove the chair from its box and in one quick easy motion, lift the back of the chair up and it unfolds into its fully operational position.

Are your wheelchairs safe for outdoor use?

Yes, the frames and tires of our chairs are extremely durable. They are capable of traversing pavements, dirt paths, medium length grass and shallow gravel meaning you can use them outdoors. We don't recommend using them in poor weather conditions as the battery connections could become water damaged.

Can I fly with one of these chairs?

Both of our MX-1, MX-2 and MX-PRO lightweight folding electric wheelchairs come with one or two airline friendly lithium ion batteries. This means you can fly with your chair without worry.

Is delivery free of charge?

Yes! We provide 1-5 day express delivery free of charge in the US. Deliveries to other countries will incur additional costs.

Can I return an item?

Yes! We provide a 14 day money back guarantee. (Please note, shipping costs to be paid by sender)

Do you deliver to anywhere in the US?

Yes! We will deliver to anywhere in the US.


I live in America, will I be able to use the charger or will I need a UK to US travel adapter?

Yes you will be able to use the charger. Our US stock will come with the correct 120V plug.

I live in Europe, can I purchase an electric wheelchair or electric scooter?

We are happy to send items to Europe, but additional delivery charges will apply. Please get in contact with our UK office to discuss.